At Carleton Rode CEVA Primary School we are keen to ensure that the children are at the heart of all that we do. We ensure that every child feels they can share their ideas and opinions and that everyone’s voice is equally important. We achieve this through: 

Pupil voice

Circle Time

This involves the children getting together in their house (red, green, blue and yellow) group, setting out what matters to them in order to discuss and to put together a plan to effect change. The decisions made in these meetings are then passed onto the relevant elected body.

School Council

Each year the school council is elected by the children of our school. They have to apply for the position and explain to the school why they feel they would be a good school councillor. Each child vote for their who they think will best represent them in each class. The School Council then take on the responsibility of organising Circle Times, speaking to visitors and communicating on behalf of the school. They also get a badge…

Eco Council

Children apply to be on the Eco council through an interview with school lead in which they are required to demonstrate their enthusiasm for sustainability and improving our school, community and world. They also get badge. 


The school librarians take responsibility for ensuring the library is kept tidy and organised. They also run a lunchtime open library session where they support others in choosing and reading books.

Sports Leaders 

The Sport Leaders are trained to support and organise activities for small groups of children at lunchtime to allow the children to take part in some structured play, learn new skills and making new friends.

Celebrating success

House points / Class Dojos are used as a day to day recognition of hard work and good choices. These are calculated each week and in celebration assembly the winning house is announced. Each term the winning house is presented with a trophy.

Headteacher’s awards recognise a real shift in behaviour or learning or to celebrate a particularly strong piece of work from an individual. Children work through a rainbow colour scheme of books and receive a badge on completion of each level.

We hold a weekly celebration assembly where children celebrate the success of each other, this includes activities in school but also those successes the children have outside of school. Every week each class staff choose a child who has particularly stood out in their behaviour and / or learning, this child is presented with a Superstar certificate and their picture is put on the Superstar board in the main school corridor. 

Each half term a child is chosen from each class to be Half Term Hero. This is in recognition of an exceptional performance in all aspects of school life over a half term.